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Looking for admission in Law colleges in top colleges in India , then you are at the right place. After 10+2 , the most important question which comes in everyone’s mind is- which college is best for them.

we are  helping all the fresh graduates from school to take admission in one of the top colleges of India. We are providing direct admission in BA/BBA-LLB colleges through management quota/NRI seats.

BA/BBA LLB / LLB ( Bachelor Of Law )

Law is a subject which requires good presence of mind and the skill to present their view to the people. Law is one of the most growing and respected professions. The course BA/BBA LLB is an undergraduate degree in law.

The structure of this course is to make students very proficient with the skills to understand legal issues and solve them to maintain peace, justice and order in society. The course is of three or five years duration depending on the different colleges. The core subjects which will be taught are Social Science which includes History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, along with legal subjects like torts, contracts and constitutional law. After graduating, law students practice in Indian courts or they go for post graduation.  

Why To Take Admission In BA LLB / LLB Colleges ?

To maintain law, peace, justice and order in a country it’s very important; that, its judicial body must be strong and effective. As India is moving towards a goal of becoming a developed country it’s important that it’s judicial body must be strong.

In a recent study it is found that India has more than three crores cases pending in Indian courts and also there is a less ratio of women judge and lawyers.

Thus, the government has decided to establish more courts and encourage gender equality in this profession. So, in the coming years there is going to be more opportunities for everyone.

After graduation there are many job opportunities for law students and they are


Some of the criteria’s to take direct admission in BA-LLB colleges are

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