Direct Admission In BAMS / BHMS College


MBBS is the most desirable  course in medical and to get admission in MBBS college, it’s important to score good marks in NEET-UG. But, many students keep on preparing for two or three years and sometimes, it happens, they end up without admission in MBBS.

But, here is a chance for every medical aspirant to become doctor without doing MBBS. They can enter in BAMS (Bachelor in Ayurvedic) / BHMS (Bachelor in Homeopathic) and can get doctoral degree in these subjects.

Our company  are providing a golden opportunity to all students, who are seeking admission in medical. We are providing direct admission in BAMS/BHMS college through management seat/NRI seats. So, avail your admission in one of the courses and start your career in the right direction.

BAMS / BHMS College ( Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medical Science / Bachelor in Homoeopathic Medical Science)

BAMS – BAMS is a graduate degree in ayurveda and is equivalent to a doctoral degree. The course is of five and a half years of duration with one year internship. The course mainly focuses on core subjects like modern anatomy, physiology, pathology & diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, toxicology, forensic medicine, ENT, gynecology & obstetrics, principles of surgery etc. along with ayurvedic subjects like  Yoga, Prasuti Tantra, Kriya Sharira and many other such subjects.

BHMS – BHMS is a graduate degree in homeopathic and is equivalent to doctoral degree. The course is of five and a half years of duration with one year internship. The method of homeopathy is very different to cure diseases. It increases one’s own immunity to fight diseases. Some of the core subjects to be taught during the course are-Anatomy, physiology, Homeopathic pharmacy, pathology and microbiology, forensic medicine and toxicology, ENT, ophthalmology and many other such subjects.

Why to Take Admission in BAMS / BHMS College ?

There are many job opportunities in government and private sectors for the BAMS / BHMS students. These two courses are evolving and nowadays people are preferring ayurvedic or homeopathic medicine to cure their diseases as it is effective and less painful although the process is long.

If you are considering to take admission in BAMS / BHMS college, then, you are at the right place to start your career. After graduation, apart from being a practitioner you can also have different opportunities like

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