EPSON WF 6590 printer missing many features unter Windows 10, no driver update solves this

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The process to download and install this driver is not if not done properly. We highly suggest you check and read carefully any message that pops up on your computer or printer screen and not accept it if prompted for a firmware update. It will also be best to disable the auto-update feature found on your printer settings.

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Start by going to and clicking on the software tab. Each row on this page represents a different printer model. Find your specific printer’s number in the list. The first will be a video showing how to turn your printer into firmware update mode. After doing this, click the second link to download the “updated” firmware.

  • If any hardware problem is present then you have to contact the product manufacturer.
  • EPSON Software Updater installs additional software.
  • Hence, it is way better to move towards the automatic way.

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Updating the Printer’s Firmware using the Control Panel

On the desktop, right click Computer and select Properties. Go to the installation folder of EPSON Printer Software. Check whether the cartridges are installed driver solution properly. If you find paper which is out of its general place, remove it gently.

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Push down the “ok” button two times to confirm the windows update. Press the “enter” button and your windows operating system will start to check if any latest or pending update is available for your computer. If other updates are available, you can choose to update them or just simply choose the specific update for your USB printer. Your printer firmware has been installed successfully.

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