Direct Admission In Pharm D Colleges in India


Since the birth of medicine has happened, there has been advancement in the field of pharmacy. Thus, there are lots of bright ful job opportunities in pharma sector and in research as well.

Admission in Pharm D is one of the biggest  opportunity for students to explore in the world of medicine. If you are looking for such opportunities then, you are at the right place at the right time.

Our company  are providing a platform for direct admission in Pharm D colleges through management quota/NRI seats.

We welcome you to explore and live your future and to fulfill your dreams.

About PHARM D (Doctor Of Pharmacy)

Doctor of Pharmacy is a professional degree in pharmacy which is actually a pre-PhD/postgraduate professional program.

This course is of nearly six years of duration and it mostly deals with the clinical studies and medicine. Pharm D course has such curriculum that it involves patient care so that they come in contact with clinicians and health care centres.

The curriculum also involves industrial training so that the students can understand what is the demand of current market and also it helps in dealing with drug queries.

There are very few colleges in India of Pharm D. In this course it is important to have one year internship then only you can practice on your own or go for further studies i.e., PhD.

Why To Take Admission In Pharm D Colleges?

As globalization has increased, it has lead to the expectation of patients and  Indian government to introduce Pharm D course in 2008.

In order to achieve self sufficiency and to make rates of medicine cheaper Government Of India started this course with this vision. Pharm D is the professional degree which allows you to practice as pharmacists.

The first two years of Pharm D course is based on core pharmacy subjects and then four years are for studying clinical setup.

Pharm D course trains student to become skilled in hospital setting, industry environment setting or to pursue higher degree in clinical research. In market there are many job opportunities for pharmacy students. There are different sectors which hire Pharm D students for different roles and they are-


There are some eligibility criteria for students to get admission in Pharm D course and they are

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