Study in Spain

Study in Spain for free (you just need the The Haque Apostile and homologation of your academic credentials)

“Study vocational studies in Spain for free, (you just need the homologation of your academic credentials)”

Would you like to learn a profession recognized by the entire European Union? Enroll into a vocational diploma (2 year duration), where you will study in a practical way and learn a profession that leads directly to the job market. This include courses belonging to all different fields. These are some of them:


Vocational courses offered (in public and private centers)

  • Marketing and Publicity
  • Nursery education
  • Automation
  • Aero-mechanics maintenance of airplanes with turbine engine
  • Electro automatic system
  • Web design
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Business and Finance
  • Oral hygiene
  • Clinical and bio-medical laboratory
  • Civil construction
  • Cook direction
  • Sport trainer
  • Cosmetology
  • Hair-dresser
  • Fashion design
  • Nutrition
  • Audio-visual communication
  • Administration and Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Systems and Maintenance
  • Maritime fisheries
  • Commerce and Marketing
  • Edification and Civil Construction
  • Electricity and Electronics
  • Energy and Water
  • Mechanical manufacture
  • Food and Bakery industry
  • Computer Science and Tele-Communications
  • Wood
  • Furniture and Cork education
  • Health Sciences
  • Social studies and Teaching
  • Textile design and leather
  • Agriculture
  • Chemistry Transport and Vehicle maintenance
  • Extractive Industry
  • Security and Environment
  • Glass and pottery

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Academic Programs

We at  consult for all the approved and recognized courses by AICTE, UGC and all other governing bodies. We provide admission guidance  for 45+ professional courses across top colleges and universities in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra.

Admission guidance in different  academic programs like MBBS, BDS, B.Tech, Law, MBA, Nursing, Pharmacy, Commerce, Agriculture, Physiotherapy, Allied Health Sciences, and Hotel Management etc are being promoted and assisted by our organisation.

Benefits of obtaining a Vocational Diploma in Spain:
  • No tuition fees for public vocational centres.
  • An average fee of 250€/month for private vocational centres.
  • No Spanish language level required.
  • No IELTS or TOEFL required
  • Diploma recognized in the entire European Union
  • Possibility to study courses online or on campus.
  • Low living cost of living in Spain.
  • High quality life in Spain. (Safety, universal health care system, sunny days and great
  • Access to permanent residency after living in Spain for 3 years.


Top 1 preferred destination for international students.

  • Access to work permit with student visa.


  • Having a high school diploma homologated by the Spanish Ministry. We can get you that covered. (we are specialized in the homologation process for international students in Spain).
  • Showing you have at least the equivalent amount of €10,000 in your bank account or you have sponsors who can provide that amount. (This is a visa requirement to show financial means).

How to apply:

Fill the form and we will contact you to proceed with your homologation and provide you all visa assistance you need.

What we provide:

  • Homologation procedure (requirement to obtain admission at vocational schools)
  • Application to up to 15 different vocational centers in Spain
  • Visa assistance


Intake of October 2024 (private center only): August 28th, 2024

Intake of September 2024 (public and private center): October 15th, 2024


2.50 lakh (installment wise)

Cost of public vocational studies: Free, it is fully funded by the Spanish government

Cost of private vocational studies: It depends on the course. An average of €250/month


  1. Do I need to know Spanish to obtain admission?
    No, knowing Spanish is not a requirement, but basic Spanish is important for the visa interview. Our organization will provide Spanish classes as a complement assistance for our students.
  2. What is the language of communication of the classes?
    Classes and exams will be conducted in Spanish language. However, the approach of studies is very practical. Most of the international students who attended classes and took Spanish classes were able to speak Spanish fluently after 3 months in Spain and no prior level of Spanish.
  3. Can I have access to part-time jobs while studying?
    Yes, the student visa in Spain allows you to work up to 30h/week. Average payout is 10 Euro per hour.
  4. Is it easy to teach English in Spain?
    Yes. Learning English is in huge demand in Spain. You can find many job offers to teach English.
  5. Can I get a student visa with the admission letter of being accepted in a vocational program?
    Yes, you will get the student visa.
  6. When does the program start?
    Vocational programs start in September-October and last until June.
  7. What is the homologation?
    Homologation means that your academic credentials of a high school diploma or Bachelor’s degree need to be verified and recognized by the Spanish government.
  8. Why do I need to apply for homologation?
    Without homologation, admission to vocational studies in Spain will not be approved. We can apply for homologation on your behalf.
  9. What will be the cost of living in Spain?
    Approximately 600 Euros which includes lodging and food.

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